Toonstop Celebrates Sonic 30th

Sonic the Hedgehog is an intellectual property that has a lot of personal sentimental value to me.

I think about the scenery, the narrative themes, the music, and I just about only ever feel good things.

Sonic reflects a lot of worthwhile values that are good for the world. A steadfast heart for justice, a care for what is beautiful in the world, and a disdain for the things that mar the world, whether in the material (in the way of destruction or pollution) or in the immaterial (in the way of subjugation or conquest).

Sonic continues to touch lives and gather people year after year, and builds an incredible culture, even despite its glaring warts.

This year I decided to put together a few illustrations to celebrate and distribute.

When I began development, my primary overall inspiration was the overall spirit of Sonic Adventure 2.

It’s silly, but the game has a sort of perfection as a result of its rough edges and just enough realistic grit. And the the spirit of cooperative struggle as you advance through the narrative is a genuinely fun ride.

I wanted to present designs that represented an amplification of the things I thought were cool about the characters, using my own flavor of creative presentation. I hope you can enjoy the illustrations that way too.

30th Sonic (7/31/2021)
30th Shadow (7/31/2021)
30th Tails (7/31/2021)
30th Eggman (7/31/2021)
30th Rouge (7/31/2021)
30th Amy (7/31/2021)
30th Metal (7/31/2021)
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