30th Amy

Have no fear! Amy Rose is here!

Amy’s design possesses a special kind of polish and charm between the go-go books and the bright red halter dress. Those were design elements that I didn’t feel right moving too far away from as a core design pillar.

Having said that I just dressed up the original dress and boots a little and added on in other elements of the design.

Longer hair, I felt, was good for a little more mature of a look. The rose patterned belt was a good element to break up the shapes within the dress.

The hammer I hardened up a little. It’s not a piko-piko hammer anymore. It’s a big, mean wrecking pillar with a thorned rose stamp. Amy is not just a wellspring of love and kindness. She is a pillar of strength and fiery passion.

In mind of the weight of the hammer I also made her absolutely swole. That just makes sense. A strong Amy is a logical conclusion for the kind of character she is.