Schultz the Protector

This is an illustration created by the request of a generous donor and benefactor to an abuse relief fundraiser (it’s no longer active, but the victim whom the fundraiser benefitted has made it into a safe and protected arrangement for herself and her children).

The design of both the piece and the character are directly inspired by my client’s husband. The nature and quality of his character, his loves, and the exercise of his wisdom and strength.

Character design elements were chosen using specific information about favorite notes of history, and care was taken to reasonably accurately represent the information given. Other character design elements were, admittedly, chosen with the help of archetypal objects such as the targe, the claymore sword, a short length of sash reminiscent of the ones worn by clergymen, and of course, standing at a scenic place at sunrise.

The other half of the illustration was designed to press into the representation of the wisdom, intelligence, and persistent pursuit of those qualities, on the part of the client’s subject.

This piece represents a level of ambition and scope in illustration that I don’t often pursue. I was grateful to receive the opportunity for a good, stiff exercise in art.

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