Raw Ingredients: The Secrets of Toonstop’s Art

real time drawing and source files

Have you ever seen an artist’s work and wondered: “How in the heck do they do that?”

I have. So, having far too high an opinion of myself, I cooked up the Toonstop Raw Ingredients archive. Real Time Drawing Video and Source Files, from your favorite artist. (presumptuous, I know)

I wanted to offer up the inside info on how long the work takes, and specific technical settings within my files, so here they are.

Become a Better Artist By Watching the Work In Motion

See the strokes in real time and learn the layer settings that produce the effects. Ask questions to get deep knowledge about what’s goin on in any of the files. Never underestimate the power of attentive observation in the development of your creative skills.

What You Get:

  • Real-TIme Drawing Video of Nearly Everything in my Gallery
    • 27 Projects and Counting, Hundreds of Hours to Study
    • See how long I take and realize that it’s okay if you take a while too!
  • Breaks for References (and perhaps too much phone time) Included!
  • Source Files (Wherever Available)
    • Blending modes and opacity!
    • Organization of Lines and Colors!
    • Touch-Up Layers!
    • See Just How Deranged the Craft Is!
  • Dropbox Convenience
    • Download Files or Copy To Dropbox!
    • Online Access from Anywhere!
    • Share Files With Friends!
      • (but don’t mirror the archive online because that’s not cool, dude)
  • Live Updates
    • New Video and Source Files With Each Finished Project
    • More For Your Money As Time Goes On!
  • Locked Down Rate
    • Subscribe Now and Keep Your Rate Until You Cancel!
    • Avoid Price Increases With Your Loyalty!
  • Single-Purchase Option
    • Avoid Subscription Fatigue
    • Pay Once For Permanent Access to the Existing Version of Raw Ingredients
    • Discount Available to Upgrade to the Latest Version at Any Time
  • Free Art Prints With Each Purchase
    • Subscribers: An Art Card Mailed to You Monthly
    • One-Time Buyers/Upgrade Purchases: Pack of Art Cards with Each Purchase or Upgrade


What’s included? Are you hiding anything?

If I made a recording, and the art work was good enough to upload, you’ll see video and the source file. I may include little extra stuff just so you can see what gets made that’s not terribly pretty, (as a help to expand your understanding of the life of an artist) but I do want to avoid causing you to pay for junk.

I’m a beginner artist. How is this going to help me?

You get to see that art is not really magic. Just a little time and effort. Granted, people good at art get really fast and really confident, and I have a little of that myself, but if you see that there’s hours of effort involved, you get to feel a little better about how lon you yourself take. Plus you get to see how a picture goes from sketch to finish.

There’s no wait? I get to see everything just by subscribing?

Yes! All-Access just by subscribing! You can open up and start watching right away. You can even download the video and study it yourself on your favorite media player. There’s no DRM, so you can make an offline archive to study art your own pace in case something happens, pick out videos to pass around to friends, or if you want to keep studying even if you have to cancel your subscription.

What if I have questions about something you did? Your videos don’t have narration!

Ask any questions you like! I am happy to help! The videos are silent because they are all done simply to archive the process, (and to let you watch with your own music if you like) but I’m always happy to help explain what I did. In fact, by asking questions you may be helping to expand Raw Ingredients by giving me a topic to address and add into the archive through adding narration onto the video.

What kind of art card do I get?

That’s a surprise! I have a few illustrations made specially as small free gifts. You’ll receive one of several available, and I’ll do my best to make sure you get a unique one each time.

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