30th Anniversary Knuckles (Featuring Knuckles OVA Hat)

knuckles ova hat
fite him

knuckles ova hat is king drip

also keep yo hands off ma emmorowds

Knuckles is objectively the best boy in all of the Sonic canon. I will throw hands over this declaration.

In concocting this design, step one was making Knuckles absolutely swole.This just makes sense.

Step two was pushing an explorer feel into his design.

Knuckles, as we understand him, is the last of his people. He guards the Master Emerald as a responsibility of his lineage. But I also thought it might be cool if there was an element of adventure to his character in terms of hunting the treasures of his people in order to protect the legacy of his people.

This is why I gave him more pronounced shovel claws, and also his OVA hat. We stan Knuckles’ OVA hat in this house. Any measure to bring more awareness to the platonic ideal of drip for Knuckles is a good measure indeed.

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