Cyborg Waifu: Gal Gamma

A while back I did an illustration of the character E-102 Gamma for a little thing with my buddies.

I decided to do that one more time except to do my usual twist of mixing girls with robots. I do not know why that’s always been a favorite item of subject matter for me. It just has.

If you’re reasonably well-versed in the subject of Sonic Adventure 1, you’l pick up on a number of thoughtful details that would only make sense for people who know the game really well.

You’ll notice the absence of the Jet Booster upgrade in the imported design information, but a favorite kick of mine when designing skirts for female-modeled robots is to integrate jets into the skirt somehow.

I had a lot of fun with the design work on this one, as well as just continuing to develop my style in the direction I’m going right now. I may even take a crack at fashioning a set of designs for the remaining known E-Series robots.

Thanks as always for supporting my work.

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