Cyborg Waifu: Gal Beta MKII

A while back I designed a cyborg girl inspired by E-102 Gamma.

And now I’m doing the same thing except with inspiration from other characters in the same family.

If you’re reasonably well-versed in the subject of Sonic Adventure 1, you’l pick up on a number of thoughtful details that would only make sense for people who know the game really well.

One thing I had thought about off and on was how cool it would be to have a bit more unique flavor in each design for these characters. When you encounter E-101 Beta the second time on the Egg Carrier, you see something that’s Beta but also not quite…

The major elements I thought of in the design were:

  • Elegance
  • Imposingness
  • Inhumanness

Beta MKII no longer has two eyes. The legs are missing. The arms are replaced with two massive laser cannons with thick shielding. You can’t see a face to connect to. She no longer walks with two legs or rolls on wheels. She floats above you, gracefully. She looks down upon you from her one eye.

With my own design I took that theme of taking the more earthy E-series design and making it something futuristic and removed from its humanized elements. There’s no distinguishable human torso, and you can’t see her face. All that’s left is a peek of her mouth and strands of hair leaking from a vent left basically for the non-negotiable necessity human biology needs for fresh air. The arms and silhouette actually took some design hints from the Egg Viper to add to its imposing stature.

I had a lot of fun with the design work on this one, as well as just continuing to develop my style in the direction I’m going right now. The design provided more insights into the way I work best, as well as things I can improve upon in my process as I continue working.

Thanks as always for supporting my work.

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