Cyborg Waifu: Gal Zeta

A while back I designed a cyborg girl inspired by E-102 Gamma.

And now I’m doing the same thing except with inspiration from other characters in the same family.

If you’re reasonably well-versed in the subject of Sonic Adventure 1, you’l pick up on a number of thoughtful details that would only make sense for people who know the game really well.

One thing I had thought about off and on was how cool it would be to have a bit more unique flavor in each design for these characters. When you go to fight Zeta deep in the Hot Shelter, you don’t encounter just another robot. You encounter some kind of gargantuan defense turret.

While creating something stationary like that didn’t seem the right direction for this design, I still wanted to deliver something with a similar silhouette and imposing presence. I drew just a little inspiration from Simone, one of the bosses from Nier: Automata and arrived at something I thought still carried a lot of the energy of Zeta’s combat appearance with some fresh flavor. Giant cannons, machine guns, missile batteries, and spider style legs to carry it all create a tank-like presence that really appealed to me in the finished concept.

I had a lot of fun with the design work on this one, as well as just continuing to develop my style in the direction I’m going right now. The design provided more insights into the way I work best, as well as things I can improve upon in my process as I continue working.

Thanks as always for supporting my work.

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