Vera by Doomcaster

Recently I was commissioned to illustrate a character designed by my friend Doomcaster.

I was tasked with the duty of trolling Doom with the use of a commission of his lovely OC, Vera.

Vera is an astronaut, and a cute but kinda dumb woman. (It’s canon that she’s started a fire on board a space vessel to roast marshmallows.)

I referenced an outfit from a more recent illustration of Vera. The jacket, jeans, and floofy hair are all Doom’s idea. My ideas were her cute boots and being able to hold her breath in space for a few minutes.

If you look closely in the back there, you can see Bootlet, Doom’s mascot, suffocating in the void.

Check out Doomcaster’s work right here.

Thanks as always for supporting my work.

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