Sophie Eating Ramen

Recently I decided to draw a domestic scene of my OC Sophie having some noodles and watching a little Youtube.

She’s watching Metal Gear Robbie

My most major concern when I set about on this illustration was making something a little more grounded. A lot of great art is based on the little things we all live through every day, and I wanted to touch on that just a little bit.

To make this illustration happen, I used a little photo reference that I took myself in my own house to help ground out the pose and the way sitting down at a table would look.

This is also one of the first presentations of Sophie without her police arms on. The cyborg arms she’s wearing in this scene are a little more reminiscent of someone with double sleeve tattoos, though I still wanted a neutral color for her hands.

This illustration also made use of an extra step in the way of adding in dedicated colors for the lighting. Instead of one color across the whole layer for lighting, I duplicated the color layer and tuned it to provide richer color and light effects as I built out the lighting.

I want to draw things that build out more real connections to what’s going on in the work, and hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

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