Sophie: Cyborg Police Officer

sophie cyborg police officer splash image

Sophie: Cyborg Police Officer is a character that I draw annually, more or less by accident. She was initially an experiment in trying to achieve a certain speed and style, at least the first time I ever drew her. Over time she’s sort of evolved into a mascot of sorts, mostly due to the fact that she combines two of the things I really like drawing: Girls and robots.

The problem in this case is that she’s kind of complicated to draw, and that creates a lot of frustration for me. So I thought I’d create this page to host just about any critical media be it reference or other cool drawing I make of the character.

The main focus of the page is to have one convenient place for me to go to remember how I’m supposed to draw Sophie, but maybe you’ll have a good time poking through the material here as well.

Sophie: Cyborg Police Officer References

sophie ref page 1
sophie ref page 2
sophie ref page 3
sophie ref page 4
sophie ref page 5


sophie cyborg police officer splash image with link
Sophie Splash Image

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