Bunny and Maid: Cyborg Waifu Battle Buddies

bunny and maid

Mecha Maid and Dust Bunny are a pair of “Cyborg Waifu”characters I came up with honestly kind of out of nowhere. I wanted to design a combat maid and a cowgirl and draw them in a sketchbook. After that I just kinda thought “hey these two are pretty cool and I should draw more of them.

dust bunny
mecha maid

I don’t consider myself any kind of mental giant for coming up with these character designs. I just liked the ideas and wanted to make something people can enjoy together. Because of this inspiration, Bunny and Maid were born.

Dust Bunny draws off of Wild West stereotypes mixed in with a little sci-fi nonsense. Her arm is a jet turbine and she’s a sheriff. She’s kind of scarred up because of her job.

Mecha Maid is a bounty hunter that just really likes maid archetypes. As a result of her messy job, she doesn’t get to wear many dresses.

Probably the best unifying inspirational template for the two would be the Trigun anime. It’s a longtime favorite of mine with interesting plays on the concepts of bounty hunting and wild-west type shenanigans. It’s also probably the only context where ridiculous things like cyborg battle girls can actually make sense.

For some reason in my mind after creating the girls, I can’t really separate them from each other. I think that’s an unconscious projection of an idea I think about all the time. Specifically that it’s important to have people you can stand by, and have people that can stand by you.

The world is is a dangerous and troublesome place, and getting as much support and backup as you can is a big deal in this big, bad world.

Incidentally, there’s merchandise available for Bunny and Maid that you can order right over here. I’d love to be able to give you something nice to decorate your space with.

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