Tanaka: Cyborg Police Captain

Ruby Tanaka: Cyborg Police Captain is a solution to a small problem. Sophie,who has become a mascot of sorts for my brand, exists in kind of a vacuum to the public eye. In the name of expanding Sophie’s universe just a little bit, Ruby Tanaka was born.

Ruby has a couple roles in Sophie’s world. That of her direct supervisor as a Police Cyborg, and that of a friend in the workplace. There was also some fun I was able to enjoy here by way of learning about police force hierarchy, what forms cyborgs can take in the world I’m building, and what kind of relationships I can explore going forward with the presence of more than one character who are able to narratively interact.

(she’s tough as nails and very capable of her job, but she’s also a massive weeb)

The main focus of the page is to have one convenient place for me to go to remember how I’m supposed to draw Ruby, but maybe you’ll have a good time poking through the material here as well.


Tanaka Splash Image

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