YourBudTevin Profile Art

(Content Advisory: Tevin himself is a cool guy who wants to build a community with good memes and good people. But he does joke a little crassly. Just a heads up for you good Christian Minecraft gamers.)

Tevin Lolar is a man on a mission.

He wants to live a dream that we can all resonate with. he wants to find interesting ways to share the joy of his favorite video games with others.

But he faces a challenge. As he ventures into the challenging waters of entering a space occupied by a strange community with strange fixations and stale humor, he comes into conflict with stale memes, unfunny jokes, and a persistent refusal of the community to exercise self-awareness.

Tevin Lolar, Your Bud Tevin, wants to create a new landscape with fresh memes, good friendship, and a better appreciation for the art form that is the video game, and the messages creators want to share with us in the games they work so hard to deliver.

This new image is designed to reflect that desire for a new and vibrant era for gamers. An era that understands the beauty, humor, and ideals embedded into the games they play.

Tevin wants to help lead people into this new era. His stance, his gaze, the clenched hand against his heart reflect the desire I understand he feels about making a better, more thoughtful gaming community. When you see this illustration, you have a chance to connect with Tevin without even starting the video behind the thumbnail.

The design of the illustration was informed by existing art assets, the Tevin’s own likeness, and the aesthetic of Persona 5. The result is a versatile piece of profile art compatible with social media profile pics, thumbnail art, and channel banners, and can be easily integrated with the use of existing thumbnail production processes.

It’s all yours, my dude. Take it.

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