Toonstop @ Dokidokon 2023

Fri 7/28 – Sun 7/30

Hi there! This is the page with info about Toonstop’s visit to Dokidokon 2023! (Learn more about the event right here!)

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Most of our time is going to be spend hanging out in the Artist Alley, and you can consult the map above to find us!

Toonstop’s Panels @ Dokidokon 2023

Every year we want to deliver talks that get at the heart of the creative component of the human experience, so we can help people enjoy making things! Creative work, whether personal or professional, can start getting really tough really fast if you don’t have any guidance!

How to Create Without Motivation

Friday, 7/28: Panel Room 2 @ 7pm

Are you struggling with motivation and wondering how you’re going to keep making stuff you care about? This panel will give you the tools to design a life that overrides motivation which gets you making cool stuff again!

We’re coming to Dokidokon to help you figure out how to overcome the motivation problem so you can start creating again!

Understanding Burnout (So You Can Get Past It)

Saturday, 7/29: Panel Room 2 @ 3pm

Are you dealing with creative burnout? Does the thought of picking up a pen or needle fill you with dread and anxiety? You might be dealing with a spell of burnout from misspending your energy and digging yourself into a creative hole!

We’re coming to Dokidokon to help you figure out how to overcome your burnout and help you love creating again!

Design a Patreon That Will Pay Your Bills

Saturday, 7/29: Panel Room 1 @ 5:30pm

Are you thinking about starting a patreon? Stop by and let’s discuss some business and financial fundamentals that will help you put together a patreon that lets you pay your bills and live a balanced life of creative work and freedom!

We’re coming to Dokidokon to help you figure out numbers that make sense and design a patreon that pays your bills!

How to Be a Successful Artist (By Knowing What That Means)

Sunday, 7/30: Panel Room 2 @ 12pm

Are you making a lot of cool stuff but still don’t feel like you’ve “made it?” Wondering what the point of it all might be? This panel is all about searching out what success means so you can orient yourself toward goals that matter to you!

We’re coming to Dokidokon to help you find what’s at the center of your heart so you can define success and work toward it!

Send questions ahead of time!

All panels have a dedicated segment of Q&A time so you can ask contextually relevant questions about the panel as it applies to your situation!

Similarly, if you have any questions or requests as it pertains to the booth, we’ll be happy to answer them!

Looking forward to hearing from you!