Sophia is… a scholar from an age long past I think???

Once upon a time there was a “Draw this in your style” challenge of her character, so I did just that because I think Sophia is neat.


My guess about the nature of Sophia herself is that she’s some kind of scholar. When I took the challenge of redesigning her, I asked “What if she were some kind of oracle or prophetess?”

And so my own concept for Sophia was born. I used the kind of clothing that would make sense for a desert dweller to wear, using design archetypes from biblical history.

The book she carries is a collection not just of the prophecies that she declares, but also a record of the fulfillment of each and every one, with notarized testimonies and names of witnesses. Her words are not spoken in vain.

Though it is not becoming of her profession, she has been known to be smug in the pronouncements of certain of her prophecies. Her face is disfigured as a result of attack by displeased nobles, and she is missing a finger for the same reason.

Though she will gladly welcome a fight over her prophecies, direct assault upon her does not generally end well. She is trained in close combat and her book is not light. Even if you defeat her, that does not change the course of events that have been laid out.

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