Sheep is a mean robot girl who liks to bully huge nerds.

Once upon a time there was a “Draw this in your style” challenge of her character, so I did just that because I think Sheep is neat.


One of my favorite things in design is big robot hands packed out with an unreasonable number of weapons. In mind of that I took Sheep’s original claw style hands and beefed them out with spikes, vents, and prehensile fingers. Of course, the pincers and loopy swoopy arms are critical design components, so I had to make sure to include them.

Sheep’s feet originally are black points, but I thought it would be neat to change them out for high-heel boots to suggest some customizability and a specific fashion taste.

The dial that was on her chest originally I moved down to her stomach and added a little design touch that speaks to men of culture about my age. (We stan TOM in this house).

Thanks as always for supporting my work.

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