Proverbs About Journeys and First Steps

Welcome to Toonstop, friend!

This is the platform broadcasting the professional services, products, and educational resources of John T. Valles II.

That’s me, by the way. Here’s a picture!

Charming, ain’t I?

When this post is first published, this website won’t be at 100%. That’s an intentional decision. I’m still in the middle of my professional journey to having a great brand, and I want to be transparent about the work that that takes.

There’s some goals at play here, including:

  • Higher level of content curation
  • Better user experience
  • Written content for purposes of sharing story and value
  • Case studies

This website both serves as both the hub for my work and brand, and as a public archive of my professional journey.

I’m accomplished as a character designer and illustrator, even if just on a personal level. While I could wait to be publishing things until each and every duck is 100% in a row, I think it might be better for new professionals who are unsure of themselves to see me iterate in public for a while. We’ve all gotta start somewhere, and it’s good to see someone else in the middle of that every now and then.

I invite you to follow along with me as I build my website and my brand and become the head of the big business I know Toonstop will become!