This page is a quick walk through some of the best examples of my work. I provide this page as the quickest overview of what I’m capable of. My work is for people who want to tell a story, and for people who want to connect their brand to their audience with illustration work.

You can click any image to view a case study illuminating the background of each piece of work.

Design Process

Check out a high-level overview of my art process. This is basically how I approach my professional-level art for things like illustration and character design.


This is an illustration I produced for a local crossfit gym after visiting the gym and participating in a workout to learn about the spirit of the place.

Content Consumption Burnout

This is an illustration I produced as a “featured image” for the seanwes podcast when they spent an episode talking about a problem I was experiencing when I was studying so I could work on my brand.

Stellar Pick “Business Card”

A mock business card designed for one of my characters to show more of her personality and exercise my illustrative capability.

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