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Hi there! This is a portfolio for me: John Valles, Copywriter. Thanks for your consideration. I’m working on developing a new dedicated media services website, but for now this is where I have the easiest ability to collect and post all the writing work I have available.

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John Valles, Copywriter for Fun (2017-Present)

Immediately here on the website, I have my selection of articles I’ve written on topics specific to the craft, mental component, and business component of serious creative people, especially visual artists.

If you stop by my blog or my gallery you can look at my skills as I’ve applied them to my personal hustle.

My Patreon series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) is a consistent top performer when you Google how to start a Patreon, and I have a guest post on Cubebrush that has been on the top five posts nearly 5 years running.

John Valles, Copywriter for Profession (2020-Present)

If personal pursuits isn’t quite enough, there’s my previous contract at Daily Content Machine (or seanwes media, depending on which year you looked them up) where I handled social media copywriting and transcripting for 6 of the accounts contracting with the firm, totaling out at about 500 posts. If you’d like to audit the work, I’m happy to point you to the people who made use of the content I provided.

I’ve also made a few marketing posts for one of my day jobs to promote the personal shopping services for SpartanNash, including photos and copy that provides insight into the services and calls the audience to action to try the service. The posts were well-received and did drive at least a little extra business during the time I was focused on promoting the service. Those are available to view right here.

It’s also worth noting that my copywriting work has also included training documentation. I’ve developed some for the purpose of aiding the management of the Personal Shopping department in my grocery store job, and I have also been responsible for development of training and guidance materials for sound tech operations in my church. (All Saints Holland Anglican Church)

John Valles, Copywriter for You (Right Here, Right Now)

I value making good on the investments of my clients and employers. Whatever I purpose to do, I make a point to deliver the best services that bring you closer to your business goals.

I learn what your needs are, and I take my responsibility to deliver on those needs seriously.

Beyond the skill of copywriting, I pride myself on honesty, accountability, integrity, determination, and willingness to learn, both proactively and reactively.

I’m familiar with and comfortable with working in a remote environment, and have reliable internet service to keep things easy and simple for you and me as remote colleagues.

I hope what I have to offer looks attractive to you. And I look forward to hearing more from you.

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