Ad 5/25/22 – Family Fare Fast Lane Food Safety Promo

This ad was written to promote the SpartanNash Online Personal Shopping Service “Fast Lane”, specifically for the Allendale Michigan Family Fare. The purpose of the advertisements was to create awareness of not just the personal shopping service, but also the availability of value-added services through online shopping.

Did you know about the coolers available for Fast Lane orders?

Our stores take food safety very seriously. When you place a Fast Lane order, we don’t leave your groceries on the shelf. We have dedicated cooler and freezer space to protect the quality and the safety of every single grocery item you request.

Plus, for hot food we have cooperative operation with our deli department to protect your ready-to-go dinner solutions! Your fresh, hot food stays hot until you’re ready to come and get it! (Rotisserie chicken or BBQ ribs sound good tonight?)

Your Allendale Family Fare is fully equipped for quality, safety, and convenience when it comes to your groceries. Let us shop your groceries today! (, first three orders shopped free with code “FASTLANE” at checkout!)