Ad 4/7/22 – Family Fare Fast Lane Gourmet Cheese Promo

This ad was written to promote the SpartanNash Online Personal Shopping Service “Fast Lane”, specifically for the Allendale Michigan Family Fare. The purpose of the advertisements was to create awareness of not just the personal shopping service, but also the availability of value-added services through online shopping.

Have you tried any of our gourmet cheeses?

At your Allendale family Fare we feature a wide selection of premium cheeses and charcuterie meats to tickle the tastebuds of any peckish partygoer!

Gouda, Havarti, Brie, Jarlsberg, Gruyere, even Mozzarella cut a few different ways for any culinary purpose!

Try some gourmet cheese today in your next Fast Lane order! (First three orders picked for free with code “FASTLANE” at checkout on !)