Ad 3/23/22 – Family Fare Fast Lane Promo

This ad was written to promote the SpartanNash Online Personal Shopping Service “Fast Lane”, specifically for the Allendale Michigan Family Fare. The purpose of the advertisements was to create awareness of not just the personal shopping service, but also the availability of value-added services through online shopping.

Need groceries but can’t make time for the store?

Let us shop your groceries!!!

First three orders picked for free (with promo code FASTLANE at checkout!)

Are you:

  • Busy?
  • Tired?
  • Injured?
  • Just in need of a little help?

Fast Lane is the service for you!

Family Fare has been shopping professionally for the Allendale area for 5 years. We pride ourselves on order accuracy, convenience, and a personalized experience tailored to what your household needs.


Place your order 3 hours in advance. Once we see your order we go right to work. Our professional shoppers know all the details about our store, so we can get you the freshest and choicest product quickly.

When it’s time to come pick up, enjoy a fast and convenient pickup experience. With just a few taps on your phone, or a quick call, we can have your groceries out in just a few minutes, as fast as 3 when you have GPS pickup enabled!


We want you to enjoy not just the best of our product, but the best the grocery industry has to offer in thoughtful, personalized service.

If you need:

  • Special options on fresh goods
  • Strict selections on certain items
  • Specific bagging or packaging arrangements
  • (Almost) anything from the store that you can’t find online

Then Fast Lane is the right choice for you!


We want to provide you with thoughtful service you can only get from your local grocery store. As we shop your orders, we get to know your preferences and make each new shopping trip easier and easier.

If we’re missing one of your picks, we’re always happy to get you the right alternatives, whether that’s by getting your favorite alternatives or by finding a new solution for your grocery needs. Our people are always on the lookout for the right way to serve you!


We listen to our customers, no matter when and no matter what. And if you can’t make your pickup time, don’t worry! We have dedicated space to keep all of your cold goods safe and fresh until the next day you can come by.

Changed your mind, or having a bad day? cancel any order absolutely for free.


Our service is cost-effective. Instead of paying $4.95 each order, pay $49 a year to place all of the grocery orders you want, even multiple a day, for free!

For added convenience, or if your mobility makes things difficult, members can have groceries delivered for just $4.95 (Non-members $9.95). We happily deliver anywhere in Allendale, and you don’t have to worry about stopping by the store if you can’t or don’t want to.

Not only that, but you can enjoy all of your YES card offers, as well as some deals exclusive to Fast Lane subscribers (like a bonus gas coupon for every order, or %10 off all Our Family products!)