Ad 11/30/22 – Family Fare Fast Snow Day Promo

This ad was written to promote the SpartanNash Online Personal Shopping Service “Fast Lane”, specifically for the Allendale Michigan Family Fare. The purpose of the advertisements was to create awareness of not just the personal shopping service, but also the availability of value-added services through online shopping.

Winter is already rearing its head, and you might have already walked up to a buried car a couple times this year.

Chill out and let us dig out your groceries while you dig out your car.

At your Allendale Family Fare, our team of best-in-class personal shoppers will make your winter grocery trips faster, safer, and more convenient, with or without a subscription!

  • Curbside and delivery let you skip the checkout line and slippery parking lots
  • Enjoy all the instore sales plus our catalog of digital coupons
  • The groceries come to you

With curbside pickup and home delivery options, our personal shoppers and delivery partners will help deliver the ingredients you need for a better life this winter.

Visit and let us shop for you!


  • Annual subscriptions on sale for only $39 until 12/3!
  • Waive the pick fee on your first three orders with code “FASTLANE” at checkout!
  • Waive the delivery fee on your first three delivery orders totaling over $100!