Ad 10/20/22 – Family Fare Fast Cold Season Promo

This ad was written to promote the SpartanNash Online Personal Shopping Service “Fast Lane”, specifically for the Allendale Michigan Family Fare. The purpose of the advertisements was to create awareness of not just the personal shopping service, but also the availability of value-added services through online shopping.

Is the cost of cold, flu, and allergy care making you sick?

At your Allendale Family Fare we have a number of name brand favorites and staples, and we’re always happy to offer them to you, but don’t forget about our TopCare line of products.

Right now, TopCare is offering the relief you need at about 55%* of the cost of the leading name-brand cold and allergy medicines with the same active ingredients. That kind of value’s nothing to sneeze at.

You don’t even have to come into the store. Go to and we’ll get your cold and flu relief ready for you. All you have to do is pull up to the store and let us know you’re here! (By phone call or by our convenient GPS-based pickup system that you can enable in your Fast Lane app!)

Don’t worry about paying for a subscription either. With promo code “FASTLANE” at checkout, you can waive the pickup fees on your first three orders and get us shopping for you today.

*Average based on in-store pricing as of 10/6/22, roughly calculated based on the cost of cold, flu, and allergy products presented in picture. I don’t officially represent Family Fare or SpartanNash, I’m just here to talk about what’s going on inside my store because the price of everything is kind of insane right now and I just want to help out.