Art Classes By Toonstop

Hi there, and thank you for your interest in art classes with me!

My name is John, and I’m a concept artist and character designer. I teach art classes that address the creative needs of students who might want a little deeper of an art education than what may be permitted by the tight constraints of art education in most public and private schools.

My mission with my classes is to provide education that enables students to bring their artistic vision from their minds to the paper.

During each session I work with small groups of students (four at a time for now) who are close enough in skill level to be taught in a group context. My educational technique works by:

• Instilling foundational knowledge relevant to their specific creative needs

• Addressing specific creative desires by teaching according to specific student questions

• Helping students learn to overcome artistic frustration

• Teaching students that failure and mistakes should not be feared, but learned from

I teach classes in six week semesters with one week breaks in between to process new students if any.

Scheduling & Fees

Classes are currently $25/class per student.

If you are registering siblings, cost is $25 for the first child and then $10 for each additional brother or sister.

Classes are online only

Classes are by appointment only.


If you or your student is interested in my program, I invite you to contact me using the form below! Registry and general inquiry about my program are handled through this form.

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