I Need A Dental Surgery Or My Jaw May Break (updated 12.20.19)

Update (12.20.2019)

Good news! I got in to see a dentist and got an X-Ray taken.

There’s still a risk of my jaw breaking, but it’s nowhere near as severe as the prognosis I was given seven years ago.

I didn’t have any takers on the commission drive, but one kind soul sniffed out my PayPal address and sent me a little money. Between that and my insurance I was able to get one of my teeth dug out yesterday.

Thank you for helping at least get the word around. I do still need to get my other teeth cut out, so if you know anyone who would like commission work for illustration, please let them know. Thank you!

That’s a headline if you’ve ever seen one, isn’t it?

Back when I was 17 I took my last real visit to the dentist. They looked at some X-Rays and showed me that my teeth are impacted and are at risk of breaking my jaw.

I’m 24 going on 25, now, and I don’t think I have a whole heck of a lot longer. My teeth have been shifting around a lot this past year and it’s changed the way my mouth sits. It’s been a bit rough.

The appropriate surgery is likely to run about $3500. I have insurance that can cover at least half of that, but earnings at my job are simply too slow to save the money I need very quickly.

The Lord led me recently to connect with some people to help me with some mental health trouble, and that exercise (as well as the deliverance of payment for some other medical care I needed) reminded me of how I needed to trust God with my most critical burdens. That’s why I’m writing this post.

I’m not asking for donations, however. I want you to receive something for your kindness.

Below I have three commission options available. Please consider purchasing work from me to help fund this specific medical expense.

For $399 I will create a finished illustration for you and send you a print.

For $169 I will create a colored traditional illustration for you and send you the original.

For $79 I will create a black-and-white illustration and send you the original.

If you can’t afford a commission yourself, I understand. The next best thing would be to share this post with someone you know who’s looking for some work.

Thanks for your time, and Merry Christmas.

Buying a commission?

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